My name is Zach Goins, and I'm a storyteller.
Whether it's sports, entertainment, or good old fashioned hard news, I'm always looking for my next story.
Most recently, those stories were told for the Carolina Panthers, where I served as A digital reporter for the team's website. my time with the Panthers was a dream come true, as I was able to fully immerse myself in the goings on of a team I grew up watching – and when I say fully immerse, I mean fully immerse.
During the 2019 season I covered a record-shattering running back, a never-ending mystery under center, a miraculous win streak and an utterly depressing stretch of losses. On top of that, I was able to tell the stories behind a midseason coaching change and the subsequent search for a new head coach, as well as the first-ever virtual NFL Draft due to COVID-19. In just nine months I was exposed to more situations than most beat writers encounter in their first few years on the job.
But my passions aren't confined to just the gridiron. In 2018 I founded Inside The Film Room, an entertainment vertical covering all things film, TV and pop culture. The outlet grew from a personal blog into a fully operational website and podcast network with a number of contributors. Along the way, I was inducted into the North Carolina Film Critics Association and Inside The Film Room gained press access with major film and TV distributors like Netflix, Warner Bros., Hulu, A24, Apple TV+ and many more. My love of pop culture has also led to multiple contributions to, an online entertainment outlet.
Now, I'm looking for my next opportunity to keep creating content and telling stories. If you think that may be with you, Check out a few of my writing samples and see if we're a good match.
- Zach Goins
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